Thursday, May 21, 2009

I want to win this..

I would love to have this sand and water table for my daycare kiddos. And boy they sure would love to have it. Life Starring Ellie and Eve is giving one of these away and her contest ends June3rd. And I personally do not want any of you to go over to their website and enter to win because I really, really want this. So please do not go over and enter this giveaway so that you make my chances of winning worse. I think I will cry if I do not get this, or at least my kiddos will.
I guess I should tell you that this is actually called the Water Rush Quarry and is made by Step2, one of my favorite companies. I love their products but, my kiddos love them even better.


  1. That post is so funny. Just crusin by saying hello to all the MomDot Link participants. I would love one of those tables too but I promise I wont enter the contest. Hope you win.


  2. My girl is a little too girlie for that, and my son is WAY too young, but I hope you win!!!

    Good luck :)

  3. I have already signed up for that, I would also really really love to win it for my kiddos, You are safe, you will win everything I have been so busy I haven't entered hardly any giveaways.
    When I do enter it is the bare minimum just to get my name in the bucket.. I hope the funk goes away, and things get calmer so I can get back to blogging. There is always stuff that needs done now, or someone needs me now.. I need to go away for at least a DAY!!! Calgon take me away... far far away..
    Have fun!!
    Good Luck! If I win it you can come over and lick it..hehehehehehe oh that chuckle felt good..

  4. Awesome, I'd love to win that :) Stopping by from the momdot link a thon to say hi! Thanks for reading Babes and Kids too. I always appreciate your comments and when you enter giveaways. Love the hot pink on your blog, it's super cute!


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