Thursday, June 25, 2009

I need help with something...

So, I have been told that my blog does not show up correctly when you are using Foxfire. I did not know this until last night when I check my email. Why, oh why hasn't anyone told me this before?? I feel like such a dork, like someone walking around with a booger on their nose that no one told me about until I found it myself in the mirror while going to the restroom durning a dinner outing with friends and family. Jeez, so now that I have looked like a dork for some time now is there any lovely blogger friends out there who can help me fix it. I have no clue. A booger I could just grab a Puffs and wipe it off but I am at a loss on this one. HELP ME, PLEASE?
By the way, how do you like my new siggy I got from April over at April Showers? Isn't it cool. She was giving them away free. She is just so cool. Thanks April!!



  1. I love your Signature.. it is adorable, I told you that you would love it.. ok time for true confessions about your blog..
    Your comment box, usually makes me click Post Comment 2 times before it will post my comment..
    It always first says, sorry didn't go thru.. but I am about to test it.. I think it might only do that when I am not signed in.. we shall see I will let you know in a minute.

  2. Ok, forget I said anything.. I will just go away now.. but ummm you might want to grab a Puff, yeah a booger..

  3. I use Firefox. I don't see your right sidebar with Firefox. It probably has to do with the template you are using. You might check to see if any of the templates are Firefox friendly. Explorer is a big pain in my butt so I use Firefox exclusively now. It's SO much better!

  4. I use FireFox, too. I don't see your right sidebar, either. I've never heard of anyone having any problems using a layout from

    Maybe you could go over there are check out what they have for you. They've got really cute stuff, all FREE, and all works with everything! BTW, I have nothing to do with their site!

  5. I love cutest blogs on the block... I won a blinkie from them.. They have great backgrounds and they are easy to work with.. Good luck!

  6. I see you are using the scrolling buttons widget.. I knew you would love that.. right up your alley.. I don't have a alley.. just a path.. teeny tiny path..

  7. What you have a right sidebar... I never knew it.. hehehehe so joking.. its right there next to your rows of pretty gerber daisies..
    just funning ya...
    later.. Hey I am hungry for something good.. why don't you cook some steaks...hahahahahahahaha... I am so darn funny..


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