Thursday, June 11, 2009

Had a checkup!

I am back from my check-up for my breast lump. My Doctor was not there:( She went on maternity leave. How dare her, she should have waited for me to come back like she told me to. I had to go back so that she could check the lump, how's she supposed to do that if she is off having another baby. Jeez....Well anyway, her Nurse Practitioner Karen was there and she's pretty cool to so that wasn't too bad. She couldn't feel the lump, which is good. But my poor boob may now be bruised forever from her trying to find it. I guess it's a sometime-lump. Sometimes its there and sometimes it's not, it likes to hide.
And I DO NOT have any symptoms of Alzheimer's!! I knew I did not but my Hubby told me that the next time I went to the Doctor I was supposed to ask, so I did. I knew he was crazy, not me. I told her about all my forgetfulness and confusion and such and she told me I was extremely exhausted, stressed out and spread too thin and she could prescribe something to help me sleep better but I didn't want a prescription. Then she made me cry. Yep, I said it, I cried at the Doctors office for no reason. What a cry baby!! I agree that I am stressed and exhausted. I would have to say more mentally that physically but not getting much sleep doesn't help. But what's a woman to do? Throw in the towel? Not me!! I don't give up and I won't be beat. She told me I need to ask for some help. NOT!! Either I can handle it myself or I fail. And that will NEVER happen. I guess I am just too stubborn that way! I am in no way a quitter and to ask for silly help is just not my style. I am not sure where I get it from because I didn't get that from my family, that's for sure. Well unless it came from my grandparents because I didn't get it from either of my parents.
I have not been out to check on the garden of thieves today. I am afraid I will scream. Well, hold on and I will go out...................................................................................
So, I went out armed with come cayenne pepper and found that I only have 17 of my 30 new plants left. So I sprinkled some cayenne pepper around some of the plants (too muddy to get the rest right now) and about killed myself. Did you know that cayenne pepper will make you sneeze and sneeze and sneeze? I didn't but I sure do now. Anyway, my SIL Aunt Rene told me to try that. She had read it somewhere, so I did. If it doesn't keep the varmints away it will definitely clean out your sinus's out. We will see it that works. By gosh, I WILL have peppers out of my garden this year! I promise!! I may have to buy some netting by I have not given up yet.
Well, I am off to play a game with my daycare kiddos. I think we will play Hi Ho Cherrio, Trouble or Sorry. I am trying to teach them to NOT be sore losers and what better games to do that with than those. Sore Losers, that's a pet peeve of mine. I can not stand it when child can't take losing. I keep telling them that not everyone can win and it's okay to lose, someone has to and that there are more losers playing games than winners. I guess you could say I am not a Cherry topper. I like it how it is. I am off!!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Glad the lump was gone.

    Sounds like you have "pregnancy brain"!

  2. Hi, Thanks for becoming a follower of Little Miss blankets and stuff! Glad to hear that the lump went away how scary. I just wanted to tell you too, my mom does daycare for the last 25 years and she often spreads herself to thin. Hope you find a better way to get some sleep.
    Take Care, Cora


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