Wednesday, June 17, 2009


For those of you who read my Small Talk Six post about 6 things you made in your lifetime that you are proud of, I told you all I would try to post some pictures this week on WW. So here they are.

This is the frame that my Hubby and I made for an old mirror we found.

This is an end view picture of our coffee table we made a long time ago (minus the cats tail). You can see the wear on the bottom and edges of it from our loving dogs. Both the coffee table and end tables have this design on the ends.

Here is one of the end tables that you can obviously see we use to store blankets.

And here is the coffee table (plus Punkin and Motley).

And, as you can see, this is the headboard and footboard we made. The footboard is actually a bench that opens for storage.

For the tables I found pictures of a sofa table in a Country Living magazine that I liked so I sat and designed our tables around that. I made the height and length to fit the furniture we have. And we could not find a head/footboard that we liked so I once again set out for a picture of one I liked...and waalaa. I sat down and came up with a little from this one and a little from that one and came up with our special made bed.

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  1. WOW. That is amazing. What beautiful furniture. You are talented.

    Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  2. What no picture of what I am most proud of you for making.. Geez.. My gorgeous niece Roo...
    She is your greatest accomplishment.. By the way let her know I will be sending her a map.. you know so she can find my house.. poor kid so cute, so pretty, quite smart but tends to not know her way around town.hehehe.
    Tell my bro hi please and the rotten roo.

  3. Beautiful wood furniture... I think some of the best pieces are the ones you make yourself (or a friend makes for you)... My problem is we move a lot and everything I really love got broken and now I know to keep the cheap store stuff until we stop moving..

  4. Beautiful. I especially love the bench on it because storage is always good!

  5. wow very beautiful and so handy. love recycling. Two thumbs up. :) thanks for stopping by for my 100 follower post


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