Friday, June 19, 2009


Today started off a little on the bad side but it all turned out good. I had one daycare mommy think I am here whenever she wants to drop her kiddo off but I think she found out different today. After that the rest of my day was pretty good. I only had 4 kiddos today so it was rather quiet around here, yeah!!

Then this evening me and Rene from over at Aunt Rene's went out to dinner at the House of Hunan, on of my favorite restaurants. We haven't been out to eat together in a looong time, so it was well overdue. I had a great time tonight and supper was extra yummy!!

Well, I am off to take a muscle relaxer for my back and pain med for my ankle and off to bed I go. And, I am sleeping in tomorrow (I hope).

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    Thanks for dinner it was great fun..
    I slept in until almost 6.. woohoo of course I stayed up until 1a.m.. My body only likes to sleep for 5 hours
    Have a great day!


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