Monday, June 8, 2009

She called me fat!

I already know that but when it comes from your Mom, it hits you a little harder. I have been having problems with my feet and knees for quite some time so finally I gave up and went to my doctor about it, which she sent me to a rheumotologist for it. I had that appointment then lots of blood work and x-rays and all that came back okay. But he did tell me I had bursitis in both hips and something in my right knee but I can't remember the name but it has to do with swelling behind my kneecap.

So, I guess now we are back to what my Doctor originally said, fibromyalgia. I have a lot of pain in my feet, ankles, knees, hips and back and sometimes my shoulder. I was given two prescriptions that seem to help me sleep but that's about it.

Now, back to my Mother....

During the garage sale this past weekend (you can read it here) I was in a lot of pain and we were discussing it and she comes up with "You know when I worked in Dublin, there were a lot of overweight women there that always complained of the same things you are complaining of. And I mean a lot." All I could think of was, does a lot mean a lot of women or a lot overweight? I know I am "Fat" and I accept that. I am not so sure that I accept my mom calling me that.

Would you call her daughter fat? I never would.


  1. I would never call you fat.. or anyone else.. Heck I am fat.. People need to get over it. I still feel like I manage to do more than lots of skinny people and I am not crabby or losing my mind.. So.. I will be fat, happy, and sassy for now thanks..Also I ache all over.. I call it OLD>.......don't get old.. cause old and fat hurts.
    Have a great day!! Stay away from your mom.
    The Backhoe is coming at 11.. I still have a few things I need to do and then I will be ready. I think.

  2. No, I would never call anyone fat. I have been overweight..ok fat all my life. It is hard to lose weight. I am trying to teach my son to not talk about anyone's weight. It is such a touchy subject with me. I know how to lose weight, it's just when it comes down to it, it is down right hard.


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