Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend in Review

My goodness what a weekend. Here is how it went:

Me and Aunt Rene, my SIL went out to a great Chinese restaurant for supper, it was yummy!!

I got to sleep in on Saturday, which was good because I had taken a Vicodin when I went to bed and could not get to sleep until about 2:30am. I definitely won't take that again before I go to bed. After I finally got up and around I went up and worked on my Grandparents house for 3-4 hours. I may never get it ready for the final moving sale. I only have 3 out of the 12 rooms completely empty. There is two rooms left that I need to dig everything out of and I have 3 rooms of stuff that's going to be sold. All the other rooms are just a huge mess. After working up there and killing my poor ankle I came home for a nap before Hubby and I headed to Polaris to eat supper at FRIDAY's, my all time favorite restaurant. Jack Daniels Steak and Shrimp, yummy!! Oh, and the margaritas...they were super yummy!! I could have stayed and had a few more of them, that's for sure. After that we headed home for some relaxation before beddie bye.

Then on Sunday I slept in again. After I got up and around my daughter "R", myself and Aunt Rene (be sure to check out her blog) went to eat at a Chinese buffet then we were off to the Book Sale. It was $3 per box, any size box. What a deal. I got a ton of books to keep me busy for a while. I am glad I went to that. I am all about bargains. Tomorrow the books are free, but I can't make it then. After that I came home for a bit then I was off to visit my dad for Father's Day. I stayed and visited with him for a bit then came home to work in my "pepper free" garden. I hoed almost all of it and picked some radishes, yummy. Then I came in to do some laundry and then relax before my daycare kiddos showed up at 9:00pm tonight. I am so ready for bed but I am sure my kiddos are not since their mom told me that they napped until 6:15 pm. Lucky me!!

It sure does sound like I had a lot of relaxation but really I didn't. I had about an hour Saturday night before bed and then tonight I was still eating supper when my daycare kiddos showed up. Which by the way, it's 10:40 and they are wound up tight and bouncing off the walls. I may have to tie them down in order to get them to sleep. I am just joking I am off to put in a Disney movie and tell them to lay down and when the movie is over, it's lights out like it or not. That is will make it about midnight and I am to pooped to toot so maybe I better pick a shorter


  1. your always doing something aren't you
    10:40p and they are still in party mode. LOL sounds like my house


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