Monday, June 8, 2009

Where is Elmer Fudd?

Forgot to tell you all, I am now down a total of 26 pepper plants and one more tomato plant. Those damn rabbits are gonna get the best of me yet. I am going to have to go sit on the back porch all night and take shots at them....Oh, how the neighbors will love me. :o(
Elmer, where are you?????


  1. Hey, I was going to call you. Haven't had a minute. I saw in someones garden the other day they have those Black Cat wooden cut outs. Remember mom used to have some that Auntie P in Penna had made. Anyways, maybe if you had a couple of those cutouts it would help. The rabbits might be afraid of them. I also heard if you put hair around your garden the bunnies won't come into the garden.. I would tell you to cut my bro's hair.. but umm that won't work. So it is up to you or roo.. hehehe.. Have fun.
    Backhoe is supposed to be here at 11.. I just want it to be over.

  2. That sucks! We had to put a little chicken wire fence up around the garden last year. The rabbits were terrible! Good luck!

  3. OH NO. Wraskelly Wabbits. hope you can put up some kind of fence to keep them out.


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