Saturday, June 27, 2009

Small Talk Six: Million Dollar Shades

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It will be interesting to see how each participant interprets this week’s topic

Today’s topic is “if you had magical sunglasses, name 6 things you would like to see with them.” You can answer this with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 paragraphs, 6 photos, 6 videos, etc . . .

So here are my six things I would love for my glasses to see:

1. When someone has very early stages of cancer.

2. They early years of my daughters, hubby's and my lives.

3. The future.

4. A happy place when things get rough to help me relax.

5. My great-great-great grandmother who was an Indian squaw.

6. My wedding, which is not on video.



  1. I so agree with number 3 and 6. My wedding day was a blur and I would love to see it again. Have a great weekend!

  2. Great list! I wish I had a video of my wedding too, it's something I really regret!

  3. Great list! =) I would love to be able to see my Grandmother who passed away 30 years before I was born. I am told I look just like her & have a lot of her traits.

  4. Your number 5 is so cool! You'd have to take her picture while wearing the glasses so I could see too!


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