Friday, June 26, 2009


Thanks goodness it's Friday. Not that Friday means anything to me these days, it's just another day. I have kiddos all weekends again, so my life as I knew it is so over. But I gotta do what I gotta do. Until Hubby gets another job (because he got laid off in Dec) I have to bust my bootie. Oh, how I need a vacation...and soon. Maybe if I would play the lottery I could win and live in peace and quiet. I doubt that will happen so I will just save my moolaa.

The kiddos were really good this week, that is for sure. We spent a lot of time outside, they were swimming in my huge pool (as they call it) and I was sitting there sweating wishing they would let me in. I never asked but I am sure they would have said "NO!" so I didn't even bother.

Well, it's 8:01pm and I am just about ready for bed. But oh, how I want to stay up for the Twitter party over at Resourcefull Mommy and try to catch Friday Night Live over at MomDot. I was on Pink Lemonade of Life's Twitter party last night and won 3 prizes, how cool is that for an hour of awesome twittering. I guess I have some decisions to make don't I? So I am here alone and can't decide what to do. Do I want to blog, read, watch TV, go to bed and listen to an audio book or clean house. I have to stay up for a little bit so that I can feed my dogs and then give Shadow his insulin shot, so I might as well just might as well stay up and blog for a bit.

If you have Foxfire will you please let me know if you are viewing a three columns of my blog correctly. Pretty please?



  1. Well, I can tell you narrowed things up a bit, but that must not have been the problem. There is no right column still. Sorry!!

  2. Nope no followers, your followers are not there.. first a white box, now nothing.. hmmm I will send this then check again! hang on!

  3. ok, they are back.. I refreshed they were still gone.. so I closed and then reopened and tada.. followers.. have fun..


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