Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Laura and the Lumberjack by Ellen Kelley - Book Review

Title:  Laura and the Lumberjack
Author:  Ellen Kelley
Publisher:  CreateSpace
Publish Date:  Aug. 9, 2011

About the book:

In the breathtaking Saskatchewan wilderness, Laura Windsor searches for her missing fiancé, Ross, who disappeared on a hunting trip some months before.

But a sudden snowstorm, a secluded cabin, and a dark stranger named Tyler, are what she finds. The attraction between them is undeniable and certain. Can this mysterious, bearded man be Ross?

You can read Chapter 1 of this book HERE.

My thoughts:

This was definitely a five star book for me! Right from the start it had my interest in Laura Windsor. I do not normally read the Prologues to a book but I am glad that I did for this one. I can not imagine being lost in the wilderness and not knowing anyone and searching for you one true love, so you think. Tyler has so many traits that resemble Ross but yet he is nothing like Ross. This is a great read and I am hoping that there is a follow up book to this because I know I will pick it up to read!

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Images are from Ellen Kelley's website and I won this book from Romcon in a giveaway.

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