Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Morning of Mud and Dog Poo!

Took the kiddos outside this morning in the beautiful sunshine and let them play in the.........mud......while I did some pooper scoopin'. I sure am glad that I told my daycare parents to send the kiddos in old shoes because my yard is always a muddy mess (I even included it in a Parent letter), so know I won't feel so bad about the white Reebok's and Adidas that are covered with mud. I can only do so much.
Now I know that my Princess Sophie had scarfed down some of Jr's money he left laying on the end table but at the time it was a five. Well, with all the rain we have had I found part of a freakin' twenty!!!

Twenty Dollar Bill Pictures, Images and Photos
Twenty freakin' dollars out in the back yard in dog crap! And of course it had to be laying right there so that the corner of the bill with the 20 was staring me right in the face. Talk about being p*ssed off! I knew that Jr had found a twenty laying on the floor one night that had been in my purse but I didn't know that that d@mn Princess had eaten one!

The cat steals my gum out of my purse and the dog steals my money. WTH??? What next?
Shadow will probably be driving my Trailblazer to the Bent & Dent to get him some more green beans. Uggg! The story of my life!


  1. LOL...gotta love our pets! I usually find my daughters' bright colored underwear when I'm out pooper scoopin'. The dog likes to pick my pockets (jacket and bathrobe) for tissues. No telling what I'll find.

  2. I hate all the things that my dogs eat also, there is always something weird stuck in their poo :) New follower from MBS, have a great evening!


  3. Bwhahahahaha the dog ate and pooped out a $20 OMG that is hysterical well not really but thinking that there's absolutely nothing you can do now you have to admit its funny


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