Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Swear It's An Evil Plot To Make Me Crazy

Fairy Blog Mother

I know that Bitch and Moan is on Friday but hey, I can't wait until Friday!

Hubby tells me that it's not an evil plot just because I feel like it is. I think he is in on it also.

I swear I will be in the wacky ward before long. Why? Because I am losing my mind. Everything in my life is making me crazy. Hubby, daughter, daycare kiddos, daycare kiddos parents, dogs, cats, cell phone, computer, Christmas, you name it. I think they have all ganged up on me all at once. I guess my mini-vacation didn't do the job, even though it was awesome while it lasted.

Hubby (who I love with all my heart) waits until I am starting to fix the daycare kiddos lunch to decide to come into the kitchen to fix himself something to eat. Couldn't he wait 20 more minutes until I was done? I fix them lunch at the same time every day. Help with the housework? Ha Ha Ha!!

Daughter (who I love more than anything) just thinks that Mommy and Daddy should do all. Reminder, she is almost 21, in college and works 2 part time jobs but lives at home. She does pay a whopping $20 per week for her car insurance but that is it! There is no helping around the house except for doing her own laundry.

Daycare kiddos are being mean to each other. Sure why shouldn't they just haul off and slap each other? Pull each others hair? Take each others toys and throw them? And why are they here all the time? Can't they all be gone at the same time for more than 6 hours per week?

Daycare kiddos parents (multiple parents) have forgotten what time they are supposed to bring and pick up their kids. What the hell, I am here all the time so what do they care. For example today one mom got off at 7am and should be here to pick up her daughter by 8am. Here is how our texts went this morning:

  • Her at 8:19am : "Have to work over til 10a be there shortly"
  • Me at 8:26am : "You just found that out?"
  • Her at 8:32am : "Never mind on my way now they don't need me"
  • Me at 10:03am : "Did you forget where I live?"
  • Me at 11:00am : "Are you walking from Marion or what?"
  • Her at 11:08am : "Almost there send her out please"
  • Me at 11:09am : "Get lost?"
  • Her at 11:10am : "Had to pull over was falling asleep driving"

So I sent her daughter out and that was that. Was I over reacting? I would have been a little more understanding if she would not have been like an hour late on Friday and almost 2 hours late yesterday and today it was 3 hours. Lord only knows what tomorrow will bring.

Dogs who puke on the floor after drinking water and MY blanket (because he does NOT know how to burp) and belongs to my daughter. :( Dogs who are diabetic and need feed every 12 hours and no one else will do it unless I ask. Dogs who are spoiled and think that she has to be sitting on me all the time. Maybe I want to sit in MY recliner all by MYself.

Cats who think that every time I am in the kitchen I should give them a treat. Hello, I am out of them.

My cell phone needs charged about 3 times per day and it's getting old, quick!

My computer is now taking about 25 minutes to do a restart. Who has that much time to wait around? Not me!

Christmas! It just may not happen for anyone except our daughter who is going to have a rude awakening.

Bills! Why can't they just go away or pay themselves?

The cold! I hate the cold and it's only December 8th.

My hair! Why is it getting so gray and why can't I keep up with it?

The Lottery! It pisses me off because it could let me win just once! $500 would be wonderful!

Google Reader! Why must you have more new items than I can read in one day? Okay, so that one is my fault.

Doctors! Why do they think you need to pay them for an office visit when all you need is a prescription renewal? Can't they do that for free once in a while?

Pharmacys! Why can't they give me my prescriptions for less. Welfare people get them for less or for NOTHING. Oh, I better not go there :(

Pain! Why can't it just leave me the hell alone and go take up home in someone else. I am not liking to take 1000mg of Naproxen (that would be 4 Aleve) and 2 Tylenol twice per day to make it go away.

Health Insurance just sucks period! All it wants is money money money!

UPS man has not been here in a week and I am having withdrawals.

Sweeper! Why can't it run it's self? Why do I have to be the only one in the house that knows how to use it?

The Maid is so lazy that I am going to have to fire her. She never puts the laundry away after it's done. She never has time to mop the kitchen floor like it should be done. She never dusts the living room enough. She has let my bedroom turn into a disaster, it probably has enough dog and cat hair under the bed to make another animal of each species. Hey, that is an idea! If I fire her and then I would have less to do!



  1. I feel for ya! Seems like this time of year is hard on everyone. (hugs) And 3 hours late? I would have LOST it!

  2. WTH is up with that lady? 3 hours late? Pulled over because she was falling asleep? Um...all righty then.

    Bills, hair, Christmas, cold weather...I'm so with you on of those.

    sorry i'm a little late making the rounds this week. thanks for stopping by and bitching and moaning with me. i have tomorrow's b&m ready to go already, it'll be posted by 7 am or so....go me. woo! :)

  3. Hi!!! lovemy2dogs.blogspot.com is one of the best resourceful websites of its kind. I take advantage of reading it every day. Keep it that way.


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