Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What the Hell Wednesday: In the Dark

This weeks WTH is brought to you by no electricity, trying to stay warm and the stupid AEP people who took 3 days to turn on the lights and the color pitch black.

If you had no power for 3 days what is one thing you would enjoy? Snuggling close to hubby to keep warm and playing dominoes.

Could you and/or your family survive 3 days or would shit hit the fan?
If we didn't freeze to death we could survive just fine.

Finish this sentence: When the lights go out…
the mice will play!

Do you usually know what’s going on or are you usually left in the dark? Definitely left in the dark, which here lately is just fine with me.

Are you on the darkside?
Nope, it's pretty light in here.

Are you an internet junkie or could you survive a week without it?
I could survive if I didn't have any entries into any giveaways that ended during that time.

When you were a kid was scared you in the dark?
Yea buddy!

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Dark chocolate!
I am starting to acquire the taste for chocolate.

Do you like blonde hair and blue eye or dark hair and dark eyes?
Dark hair and dark eyes!

Tell me something dark and evil you have done lately.
Me to know, you to find out!

What is your favorite story you have heard around the campfire.
The story of Jooohhnnnyyyy, he's coming up the stairs.

If you were left in the dark could you find a constellation or the north star?
Is the big dipper a constellation? If so, then yep!

Do you like white meat or dark meat?
Dark for sure.

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  1. Once the taste for chocolate is aquired it's hard to stop eating it.


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