Friday, December 25, 2009

Lexi update ~ Dec 24th

This was the update that Jen put on Lexi's Caring Bridge Journal today. I am so praying that she makes it home for Christmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2009 5:49 PM, EST

Hello Everyone! Alexis is still in the hospital, however we are hoping to bring her home tonight. The doctors and nurses are doing everything in their power to arrange for Alexis to come home. In order for her to be able to come home she will need to be on fluids for 24 hours a day. This last round of chemo has caused Alexis to have mouthsores in her throat. The mouthsores are worse this round and has required her to have a lot of morphine to control the pain. Alexis so badly wants to eat, but after 4-5 bites the food stings her throat and she is in a lot of pain. The good thing though, is that she has not vomitted since this weekend. The doctor came in and said that we should be able to leave any minute, she just wants to make sure that she tolerates the Ativan well since she was complaing on her belly hurting. he has not really been complaining of this much though.

Like I said, in order for ALexis to come home the doctors said we would need training in using connecting IV fluids to her broviac. At noon today, when we realized that the home health care company in our area could not provide services, Aaron ans I rushed to get ready and be at the hospital by 2pm so I could be trained. Scot just did not feel comfortable with his eyesight to be trained. When Aaron and I arrived to the hospital, Scot and I switched and Aaron and Scot went home to finish getting ready for Christmas.

Alexis has been in the hospital for 3 nights. Grandpa Howard stayed two nights and 3 days and daddy stayed one night. It was very hard for me not to stay at the hospital, however it allowed me to get all of my presents wrapped and my house cleaned for Christmas. Somehow, I managed to still see Alexis for at least 2 hours each day. Again, we are so lucky to have such a supportive family that will do anything for us. While Bill stayed with Alexis, Aaron stayed with Elaine for 2 nights.

On Saturday, we have to be back to the hospital at 8am to be evaluated on whether ALexis will continue to need fluids at home. Then, on Monday we have to readmit ALexis to have TPN (nutrition though a tube). They are doing this to put some weight on Alexis so she is ready for her transplant. The transplant is scheduled for the third or fourth week of January. In the middle of January she will be going to the hospital during the day for four days in a row for a complete BMT workup. I think there are 11 tests/exams that she will need during these days.

I want to thank everyone who has sent or brought over gifts in the past week. It is very thoughtful of everyone. Make a wish even sent a gift. Alexis has been spoiled at the hospital as well. Each day she has received a different gift. Then tonight Santa came and delivered a wrapped gift. Alexis was sleeping and was upset when I woke her up, so she told Santa she did not want her picture taken with him. I thought she would want me to wake her, but I guess i was wrong. well we are leaving.

I hope everyone has a terrific Christmas.

Take Care,



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