Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Me selfish? You betcha! Updated

I have decided to be a little selfish and I am taking Thursday, Friday (Holiday), Saturday and Sunday off of work. I have a few parents upset with me but here is how I figure it: Live a day in my shoes then you can tell me how to live my life, until then SHUT-UP and deal with it.

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And, what a better way to start my 4 days of in a row than to carry something down into the basement without using all the stairs. I guess I thought I would try something new, which actually is not new, and I can tell you that it is no fun. But hey, a few bruises and strawberries later, I am still alive and kicking.

It's a good thing I didn't break anything because I have a list of stuff to get done during my 4 days off. Here is what I must accomplish (in no particular order):

  1. Clean carpets in daycare room. completed 12-30
  2. Spend New Years Eve with the grandparents at their assisted living New Years Eve party. completed, I will have pics in a few days
  3. Finish out New Years Eve with the Hubby's family. completed
  4. Spend New Years Day at my parents house. completed
  5. Clean our bedroom.
  6. Wash all the throw rugs in the house. completed 12-30
  7. Give all 3 dogs a bath. Two down, one to go. 1-3
  8. Clean carpet in Livingroom. Hubby completed 1-3, Thanks!!
  9. Go grocery shopping.
  10. Put shrink to fit plastic on Livingroom window when tree is down. Completed 1-3
  11. Complain about Christmas tree until it is taken down by our DD. threatened to put it out with trash 12-30 Got mad and took it down myself! 1-3
  12. Sleep slept in on 12-30 completed
  13. Finish the book I am on so I can start Twilight.
  14. Relax
So, do you think I will get it all done, with bruises, soreness and all?


  1. I have confidence that you can get it all done. I think writing out a list like that is a great tool to ensure you get it all done. You know exactly what you need to do, and you can cross each thing off as you accomplish it.

    As far as parents being they realize they are getting mad because they have to be responsible for their own children? lol

  2. If I don't write it down, then it gets overlooked. lol As far as the parents, I have one that ALWAYS says "I have to work on those days! What am I supposed to do?" My theory: Teach your children to behave so that your family members would love to have them for the day instead of refuse to keep them for 10 minutes. lol


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