Friday, December 11, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

It's almost Christmas time and I thought I would share with you all a few of my favorite things. Maybe you will see something that will be perfect for the person that you are not sure what to get. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite things.

I love all these things.

Village Natural Therapy, Aches & Pains is my all time favorite thing. I love the smell of Eucalyptus. I know call me weird but hey, I can't help it. This stuff is great not only for aches and pains but it's also great for your sinuses.

Aches & pains Ingredient List

Another one of my favorites is another Village Natural Therapy , Stress & Tension. It has Juniper, orange and menthol scent, but is not as strong as scent as the Aches & Pains but still I love it.

Stress & tension Ingredients

Oh, my Hana Elite Flat Iron from Misikko is the best flat iron ever, trust me! My daughter and one of my daycare parents have used and and now they are both begging me to get them one. Yea, I hope they are holding their breath.

Lock & Lock is my favorite storage containers. Why? They don't leak, they don't stain, you can put them in the fridge, freezer, whatever. They come in all shapes and sizes from little itty bitty ones for condiments to big ones for cereal. You could never go wrong with Lock & Lock.

Pantene Pro-V Color Revival is the only shampoo and conditioner. It makes my hair so nice and soft. If they don't have the Color Revival, I will buy the Moisture Renewal shampoo and conditioner. For me it's only Pantene Pro-V.

T.G.I.Friday's is my favorite restaurant hands down! Who would not want a fabulous gift card from this wonderful restaurant. And when you are there order the Jack Daniels Grill Steak and Shrimp, it's to die for! The batter/breading on the shrimp is totally awesome.

The margarita is my favorite alcoholic drink. It does have to be the regular lime flavor and on the rocks with salt. Red Lobster, Apple Bees, T.G.I.Friday's, all have really super tasting margaritas. I have finally found a mix that I can use at home that is as good as those restaurants'. The mix is Jose Cuervo, and I buy it without the tequila because I like Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila the best.

I hope you all enjoy some of my favorite things.



  1. TGI's is a wonderful restaurant. And I need a new straightner soon!

  2. I love my hot rollers, isn't that funny! No straightners for me! My hair is stick straight :)

  3. I love Pantene...but I like the blue ice ones or whatever they are!

  4. That's a good list. And, now I need a 'rita. Hey, at least it's after noon here!

  5. I love all these things you mentioned~ a nice post!


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