Saturday, October 17, 2009

Do You Chase Your Dreams??

Ok, so I have to tell you about my dream the other night, but first let me describe my mother to you a little bit. My mom has been having nightmares as we call them for many many years. She will wake up everyone in the house screaming, playing the trumpet, beating up my dad who is in bed next to her. She also jumps and falls out of bed and throws things. She has had various bruises all over from hitting the nightstand, the bathroom door, the floor and whatever else may be in the area. This is so bad that my dad had to trade sides of the bed with her to keep her away from some of the more dangerous things that she could get hurt on. Unless she flies out of bed and gets hurt, she doesn't wake up. Sometimes it is funny and sometimes it is scary. I have heard and seen some really weird things.

So, anyway....On to my story. My Hubby sometimes tells me that I am more and more like my mom all the time and that is not really a good thing. I love my mother but I definitely do not want to be like her. But the older I get the more things that happen that is proving him right.

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For example, this happened to me the other evening. I had a long day with the daycare kiddos and the last kiddo left at 6:15pm and I was not expecting any more until about 9:00pm and I was not feeling the greatest so decided to lay down on the Futon in the daycare room and take me a well deserved nap until my next daycare kiddo arrived. That is not exactly what I like to do when I have the house all to myself but hey, I was tired so off to sleep I went. Until....I was awaken.

Awaken in a not so good way. Here is what happened: I was sleeping peacefully, so I thought. I was sleeping and dreaming as usual. Well in my dream I was fishing at my Grandparents pond, which is loaded with huge bass. As I was reeling in my line, a huge bass jumped up next to the edge of the water and hit my lure. It scared the crap out of me and I instantly dropped my fishing pole. Now, I have my own special pole (that the end is broken off of) that I love so I jumped toward the pole as it was about to hit the water, trying to save it from losing it forever into the water. Well, jumping toward the pole would have been a great thing if I would have really been next to the pond, but when you are laying on a Futon, it's not such a good thing. I awoke as I was mid-air reaching out to grab the pole just a split second before I hit the floor. I was awake long enough to think "Aaawww, sh*t, this is gonna suck!" And suck it did, I landed on the floor with my hands out grasping at an imaginary fishing pole.

At this point I was glad that I was home alone for no one to see that. I was also happy that I was on the Futon in the daycare instead of the couch in the living room, where I would have probably landed on the coffee table or in my bed, where I would have landed on the metal dog crate. Imagine what that would have done to me. lol Luckily I have no bruises, only a little damage to my pride.

Lord, help me!! I don't want to turn into my mother but you are making me act more and more like her all the time! Can't you do something different? The other day you had me dreaming that my Aunt J was chasing me with a huge frog and Hubby had to wake me up because I was screaming. This is just not right. Please don't do this to me anymore!


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  1. My husband has dreams like this and it is a sleep disorder. He is on medicine for it. I would go to the doctors and have them do a sleep study. It is caused by your rem sleep. This could be very serious and you could even drive, jump out a window. Tell your mother to go also. This is terrible, now I am going to worry about you!


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