Monday, October 5, 2009

Kiddos update!

So, the naughty little boys daddy picked him up today, and boy was I happy it was daddy and not mommy. I made the naughty little sprout show his daddy what he had done to my poor floor. And OMG daddy was, how should I say "a little pissed off". I held nothing back when I talked to him. I told him that I have an outdoor play yard that I will set up in my daycare room and put the naughty little sprout in it when he can't behave. It looks sort of like this:
expect without the dog. Mine is bigger. It actually is a pretty good size, it's way bigger than those portable play yards that you can buy for kiddos now a days. His daddy said that he will be crying later when he gets done with him. As long as he is good, is all that matters to me.

As for an update on Miss "S" she is still coming to my house. I have just had to let the hammer down on the two boys. The older boy has really straightened up but now it's just the naughty sprout that we have problems with. I am like flies on you know what with him now. Miss "S"'s mom has her on a waiting list for preschool but she said that they told her it was really long and that she would more than likely not get in this year. Which, is okay because I started the preschool curriculum "Mother Goose Time" back up again and she really loves that program and has learned a lot from it. She is just like a sponge.

So things with her are back to normal, thank goodness.

My blood pressure is down again and I am having a good evening.

As for my little Lexi, who is battling stage 4 Neuroblastoma, she is doing okay. She just finished her the round of chemo and is home now. She has had a rough time the last two rounds with nausea and vomiting. She is a trooper and I am praying that everything turns out the way we all want it to. Her mom has a site that Children's Hospital set up for her to give updates about Lexi on it and she does a good job at it. She says it is like therapy for her. She gets to get things off her mind and she loves reading the support and prayers they receive. Feel free to stop over and leave her a comment for her and her family. The website is Caring Bridge and her personal site is called AlexisHoward You will have to sign up on the site but it is just so that you can leave comments.



  1. Phew that's a lot. Deep breaths!

  2. lots going on! good luck with the kiddos.

  3. Good to hear that you got to express to the dad the problems you've been having hopefully that will help.
    Prayers for little Lexi Poor little girl So sad that children have to go through such awful circumstances. HUGS

  4. I am glad that things are working out and that your blood pressure is back to normal. I am also glad to read that Alexis is home. I keep up with her on the CaringBridge and have grown very found of her. I pray for her and her family daily.



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