Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank the Good Lord they are gone! (for today)

OMG, I don't remember ever being so happy to get rid of 3 kiddos as I was today. Boy, one of the boys was bad today. I had just about all I could handle of him today. I tried time outs and he kept getting out and he is also a SCREAMER!! I can ignore the screaming to an extent but after so long it's gets the best of me. I so need Nanny Jo for him. Luckily I think that I have the older boy "broke" and he has been behaving a lot better. I think the rewarding their good behavior with candy/gummies is working with him. I don't think anything will work for the other one. Does anyone have any suggestions? Nothing is helping his bad behavior. I have tried warnings, time-outs, no toys, rewards for good behavior and nothing is working. When he gets into trouble you cannot talk to him because he is screaming. If you try to tell him to stop doing something he says " I have told him that I am not going to start the timer for the time out until he stops screaming and sometimes it will take him 10 minutes or so to quit. He can turn it off and on like a light switch.

Please feel free to leave your suggestions.


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  1. I'm so sorry you are having a hard time with the kids. It sounds like you are making progress if the other one is doing better.

    If their home life is less than stellar, you may be the only chance these kids have. That's a big responsibility to take on and not just for you but for your family and the other kids.

    I have a granddaughter M, who will be five in Dec. Her other grandma is a teacher who teachs kids with disabilities, both physical and mental. M is enrolled in a program through her grandmas school to join a class of these handicapped students to help show them how a "normal" child that age should act. I am not sure of all the in and outs but they hope to influence the children by putting regular kids in with them.

    Maybe your other kids could be enlisted to help in the same way with this troubled child?

    I will keep you in my prayers that you figure out how to deal with this difficult situation.


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