Thursday, October 1, 2009

I need your opinion! Please?

I am asking a question that some of you may feel is silly but I have been wondering about this for some time, so here goes:

Do you think it is wrong or right for me to do a giveaway of a book that I have received and already read?

This would mean that I would be giving away a used book. Is this right? Please leave me a comment letting me know what your thoughts are.



  1. As long as you didn't fold it, crease it, drop salsa on it, or ketchup, mustard, or mayo.. As long as no kid spit up on it, no dog chewed it and you admit that it is a used book I have no problem winning it!!!!

  2. I think it's fine. I would disclose it. I have heard people complain due to not knowing it was a used item and it was a mess when received. I've been thinking of doing that with a couple CD's and books, too. I do reviews and sometimes I know I won't use it again. I am just going to state that they are used, not abused.

  3. I don't see why not, as long as you tell them first and it is not torn or is soiled!

  4. i'D HAVE TO AGREE with auntrene

    as long as you didn't drop it in toilet water while reading...well even if u did just disclose it

    Ok what book is it?

  5. I see nothing wrong with it. Just let them know it's used.

  6. Happens all the time in "book blog" world. Just disclose that the book is "gently read" or "worn" or whatever condition it is in if it is not new and unread.

  7. I don't see why not, if the book is still in great shape, go for it.

  8. I had to *giggle* at AuntRene's response :)

    I would and have given away a "slightly used" book in the one threw it back at me LOL.


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