Sunday, October 4, 2009

SENSA starts today.

If you follow me, you know that I am doing a review for the SENSA Weight Loss System, and you can read my original post here. Today is the day that I am starting to use this program. And I am not off to a good start. Me and my daughter "R" went out to eat breakfast at Bob Evans and I left my SENSA sitting at home on the kitchen table. This is what I received, a 3 month supply of the system.

Now, this is where it's gets embarrassing for me. I am not proud of my weight at all, as a matter of a fact, it is quite the opposite. I have struggled with my weight since I was about 15. My mother even put me on a diet when I was in high school and boy was she strict about it. She would make my plate and that was it. I think that is when I became the person that would eat when no one else was around to see me do it. But I am an adult now and I know better but my weight just keeps going higher and higher. So here I am today:
Do you notice the fat rolls and cellulite? Yuck!
I am wearing my SlimPerfect outfit that I won by tweeting one day. I am thinking that it is not so slim perfect. Oh, I guess that is me that is me that is not so slim perfect. Oh well, maybe this embarrassing situation will help with the weight loss. I also have that goal of being able to do a walk for Breast Cancer Awareness. Wish me luck, I am off to put one of the SENSA shakers in my purse before I forget again.

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  1. Good for you! I give you so much credit! You have all your bloggy friends for support! It may be tough,but... YOU CAN DO IT! I hope you keep us updated!!

  2. Good luck! I hope it goes great.

  3. Weight issues are certainly not easy to deal with. HUGS.

    Here's to hoping all your dreams come true. I'll be expecting updates on hearing how this works for you. Hugs and keep up the strength. You can do it.


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