Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I have to write this day down in the books.

Those of you who follow me know that my day yesterday was a lot less than what I would call a great day. (If you didn't read the post about yesterday you can read it here and there is an update here) Well me talking to the boys dad must have really worked because the naughty sprout was really good today. The older brother had to be a boy today and dump the kids hand soap in the toilet again but other than that, today was super!! I know dumping the soap in the toilet sounds like a terrible thing but it you knew these kids you would realize that that's really nothing.

I was so happy yesterday when their day pulled in to pick them up so that I could talk to him about all the problems. Well, I hope the sweet goodness continues. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

I got this comment on the first post from yesterday:
3. Night Owl Mama said...

HUGS I have a three yr old and yes they are some tough cookies to crack. Mine yells back when I yell, he tries to kick, or punch me or escape by running out the door. ITs called the GOd aweful 3's and it won't get better til he's 4.
Here's what you can do? Find out what he likes. Drawing, playing with playdoh, cars, wATCHING at tv show and have him do it. he has to be kept busy. My son gave up naps at the early age of 2 yrs and 2 months old. He gave them up for a New yrs resolution. Does it drive me nuts YES!!

OK what I came by for was to tell you that PUR is on vacation for a week so she won't get your Pur out til after she returns on the 11th. I'll keep ya posted when I hear :)

Well, I have tried doing things with them to keep them busy like all the stuff she suggested but it only lasts for about 5 minutes max. They aren't about sitting down and doing constructive things. They love, and I mean love to play with cars so I went a bought one of those car rugs and they play with it but of course the fighting over that is unreal. It's "Tammy, he's in my way!" "Tammy, he's in my house!" "Tammy, he hit me!" "Tammy, he took my car!" "Tammy, he took my car!" "Tammy, he won't move!" "Tammy, he moved my car!" and it just keeps going. Seriously I don't think they color. Why, you ask. Well for the oldest being 3 1/2 and naughty sprout being 3 in 2 months, they don't know how to hold the crayons to color and are more into breaking them in half than coloring. They take a good one hour nap if you can get them to stop long enough to fall asleep. It's getting them to stop getting up and picking on each other for five minutes. I learned my lesson with taking naughty sprout in the kitchen so today, I got out another play-yard and put him in it. Ah, peace at nap time. :)

Ok NightOwlMama, I just have one question (noticed the time that her comment posted). How on earth can you stay up at all hours and then get up and take care of your kids, blog and house without going crazy? Ah, who cares, we love you anyways! Keep the good work.

I think I will do a happy dance. All my kiddos are gone early, except for my niece Miss "M". So I get a break until 9:00ish. Yippie!!


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  1. That is good news! I hope it does last. Just remind them that you are going to talk to Dad! Maybe that will work.. Once, when I came home from work, I had a babysitter at the house. She was talking to her husband, but my answering machine was on and she didn't know she was being taped..the machine must have picked up before she started talking..well, the next day she didn't have a job. She told her husband that my daughter (she was only 2 or 3 at the most) was a no good brat, she'll be trouble for ever and she can't stand her.. So I called her and wished her well.. So I give you a lot of credit.. Keep up the good work!


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