Sunday, October 18, 2009

SENSA day 14

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Well, today is day 14 and this week I did not do the best with my SENSA shaker. I have to admit I ate a few times without using it and got disgusted when I finished eating and realized I had forgot it. I have noticed that I am feeling full faster, not I just need to learn to stop eating when I feel full, instead of continuing to eat and then feel miserable when I am done. Just like I did today, when I went to Bob Evans with AuntRene, I forgot to use my shaker and ate until I feel sick. What am I thinking when I do this? Well, obvisously I am not thinking.

Some people think that what I am doing is a little looney but hey, if it's working why knock it. What works for me makes me happy, that's for sure.

So, now on to what my weight did this week:

This week, I love 1.5 pounds. I started at 274.5 making a total loss of 3.5 pounds. Ooo, I don't know about you all but, that makes me happy as a lark. Now seriously, I have not changed anything at all except for using my SENSA shaker.

If you are interest in losing some weight, you really should consider the SENSA Weightloss System. I am glad that I have tried it.

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  1. Congratulations on your weight loss. Every bit is a loss no matter how small or how large. Your doing great.

    Stay motivated Sweetie.


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