Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Walked Today For Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Today was a day that I had been looking forward to for quite a while. I found this walk one day when I was online looking at some different things about Breast Cancer, since October is Breast Cancer awareness month. This has been brought to my attention a lot more because of a recent scare that I had that really woke me up from the fact that sometimes I think, "It will never happen to me." You can read about it here and here if you'd like.

So, my Aunt Judy, SIL "M2", my friend Amy and myself went to Columbus to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk today, which was a 5K. I am not sure how far a 5K is supposed to be but we walked just a bit over 4 miles to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we had a blast. We got there a little too early but none of us had ever been there before so I would have rather been early than late. I am not sure how many people were there but there were tons there, people of all ages too. From tiny babies to grandma's who I didn't think were going to be able to walk that far, men, women and children all out there walking to honor someone who is battling or has lost their lives to breast cancer and raise money for research. I took a few pictures but not many as I have a piece of crap phone battery and it wanted to die after taking like 3 pictures so I stopped taking them.

This is the start finish line.

Some of the tents before everyone started arriving.

My Aunt Judy and SIL "M2"

This is my friend Amy

Ok, this is me and NO, I did not fall. They had a tent to stress being active and they had some dice you had to roll and you had to do what activity and number your dice landed on. I was unlucky enough to get a roll of doing the bicycle 2 times. Yippie!! So here I am laying in the middle of everything doing the bicycle. Everyone else's were things like jumping on one foot, or doing push-up against the table, or touching your toes. I, get to lay my big butt in front of everyone and look like a fool. People were clapping, probably because I managed to get up all by myself. lol

Funny story for those of you who know me: I am a clutz of sort. I have only had two broken bones (my pinkie toe and my foot last summer) and a couple ankle sprains, but everyone calls me a clutz. So, my lovely friend Amy sends the last picture, the one of me on the ground, to my Hubby and tells him that we are on our way to the ER. He believes her!! He asks her if I am okay, and how the hell I fell. After we are all laughing so hard that we are crying she decides that she better text him back and tell him that she was joking. She was afraid that he was getting ready to come to the ER, which he would not have done unless I was seriously injured. He replies to her that it would not have surprised him that I fell, but it did surprise him that she got such a good shot of me falling. Nice, huh? Well, she doesn't let it end there. After we were all finished and waiting around for the raffle drawing, her hubby texts her and asks if we have walked a mile yet? So, she sent him the picture and told him that we were at the ER. He replies to her, "Is she okay?" Geez, you would think that I am always getting hurt or something. So, I rolled my ankle on the edge of the pavement and broke my foot last summer, now they think I just flat can't walk. Well, the good news is that NONE of us fell or got injured in any way. We are all just sore from walking, except for my SIL "M2" because she walks everyday.

Anyway, you should all get your friends and family together and make a team and join in on the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and find a walk near you. Like I said, we had a blast. It was some adult time with adult conversations with exercise and we did a good deed by raising a little money for the cause. We have all decided that we are going to do it again next year, get more people involved with us and we are getting team shirts. It only took us a little over an hour to walk so all together with the drive included we would have only used about 3 1/2 hours of the day, but we took advantage of the adult time and stopped at Max & Erma's for some Tortilla soup, which is fabulous by the way, and we got there about an hour too early. We actually spent 7 hours in all.

Make sure you do you monthly self exam and get those mammograms!!



  1. I'm so proud of you WTG! what a fabulous accomplishment. SOre or not well worth the walk. I need to get a mammogram done soon.

  2. Ok.. I love the fact that you make it sound all innocent that you don't get "hurt"... that you have only had 2 broken bones. That you don't understand why we call you a Klutz... Give me a break. you are a KLUTZ. Stand up on 2 feet and admit it. Oh wait you can't you will fall down.
    Why don't you tell them about the day you were mowing and hit what the camper, the boat and the truck and were black and blue for months.
    Do you wish me to continue. You can't usually walk more than a couple of feet without hurting yourself in some way.
    Good job on the Walk by the way. I would of went if we were not at home carving pumpkins. It was great fun!
    Now go back on that post and admit it.. Don't be ashamed you are a KLUTZ!

  3. Wow I'm very amazed. I have been trying to look for walks in my area but there aren't any right now. Very proud. I'm all about breast cancer! WTG!!


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