Monday, October 5, 2009

I seriously just want to cry.

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OMG you do not know how mad I am right now. You know the daycare kiddos that I have been talking about that are terrible at behaving? Well the youngest one is still at it. He would not lay down for naptime so, I laid him down in the kitchen floor away from all the other kiddos. Well.......WTF was I thinking? Who would have thought that the kid would tear the linoleum off the floor? Certainly not me or my Hubby. I am at my wits end. I have put them on probation last week and the oldest boy straightened up and I have not had problems from him but the youngest boy, who will be 3 in December is on my VERY last nerve. He laughs when he does stuff like that. It's almost like the child is evil (which I know he isn't). Grrr, any other time I would send them packing but I am having lots of issues with this because of Hubby not working right now and unemployment sucks and is almost over. I can not believe that a 2 year old is breaking me. This is just driving me insane. I have tried everything.

Nanny Jo, where are you? I seriously need your help! And quick!!

My hair is starting to fall out, my mind is racing, my BP is sky rocketed, crying is becoming an everyday hide in the bathroom thing, my nerves have had it and I am starting to hate this job I live with. And I am NOT kidding!! I need Jo to come to the rescue!



  1. OMG, what are the parents saying. I can't believe he did that to your floor. You can't leave him alone so that means you should tell his mother that if he needs "special" attention, your rates have just increased... Go up like $20.00 a week for him only...Atleast you will smile going to the bank! What ever happened to the sweet little girl. Did I miss that post?
    Good Luck! Is there a nanny hotline you can call!

  2. Ripped up the linoleum??????

  3. HUGS I have a three yr old and yes they are some tough cookies to crack. Mine yells back when I yell, he tries to kick, or punch me or escape by running out the door. ITs called the GOd aweful 3's and it won't get better til he's 4.
    Here's what you can do? Find out what he likes. Drawing, playing with playdoh, cars, wATCHING at tv show and have him do it. he has to be kept busy. My son gave up naps at the early age of 2 yrs and 2 months old. He gave them up for a New yrs resolution. Does it drive me nuts YES!!

    OK what I came by for was to tell you that PUR is on vacation for a week so she won't get your Pur out til after she returns on the 11th. I'll keep ya posted when I hear :)

  4. Yikes...I hope you figure out a way to get through to them and they start behaving themselves.


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