Thursday, October 8, 2009

Making Progress??

Today with the kiddos was a really great day. I only had 5 kids today. I have one little guy who was absent because he and his mommy is sick. And I had a little girl who was also absent because mommy is pregnant and keeps going into labor who in 10 more days they will let her have her baby girl. The kiddos who were here were my 3rd shifter who left at 8am and Miss "S" and the family of 3.

The naughty kiddos (family of 3) were only here from 10:30am to 4:00pm, which is not very long when I am used to them being here from 6:30am to 5/6:00pm but that was okay. Anyway they were all great. No fighting, no screaming, no hitting, no nothing. It was just wonderful and peaceful. I thought I was making progress until when Daddy brought them today and he said that he talked to both boys very sternly on the way to my house. Well, it must have worked. I hope he will do that everyday. It would be really great for me if they were angels. Even though they are naughty, they truly are sweet and adorable little sprouts. The family of 3 are very lovable children when they are not fighting and being mischievous, you just want to pick them up and love them to death.

I have had children before that were bad, but they were not sweet and adorable. They were just....well, I don't know. They just behaved badly.

I hope tomorrow is going to be as good as today. I will even settle for half as good.



  1. I'm glad things are looking up for you! Hopefully it will continue!
    Have fun..
    PS You work very long hours...I never thought of daycare being that long of a day, but I guess it would have to be!

  2. Half good sounds very nice right now :)


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