Friday, October 9, 2009

Small Talk Six: Reasons to Party

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Small Talk Six topics for 2009.It will be interesting to see how each participant interprets this week’s topic.

Today’s topic is 6 unconventional things you think people should celebrate by throwing a party.” You can answer this with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 paragraphs, 6 photos, 6 videos, etc . . .

These should be relatively easy, so here goes:

1. Because it's 5:00 somewhere!

2. It's payday!

3. It's the weekend!

4. Any weekend in August because it's a month with no Holidays!

5. The daycare kiddos are all gone home!

6. Our daughter moved out! (she hasn't yet and if she did we would party then pout because we were bored lol)



  1. LOL Love the last one. Is it terrible that my son is only 8 and I'm already dreaming of the day he'll get the heck out of my house?

  2. LOL too funny I need to participate this week. You have some good one's
    thanks for the comment love Hugs

  3. I Love the pay day one also!! Lets party!!

  4. Pay day parties are fun. The last one was cute.

  5. There aren't any holidays in August, but my family has a ton of birthdays in August, so we're still partying then!

  6. Yup all my fav, bring it on ;)

    I agree the last one is great ;)


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