Friday, October 9, 2009

Is Today Friday the 13th?

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Is today Friday the 13th? It is sure feeling like it here. Where shall I begin? I got up before my alarm clock went of at 3:30am, which was a good thing. So I got up and went and unlocked the daycare room door for my kiddos to come in then I went and got the coffee pot ready for it to make some coffee at 5:45am then went in to read a bit before kiddos arrived. They arrived at 4:00am and went back to sleep so I went back to bed.......this is where the trouble started.

When I went back to bed, I forgot to turn my other alarm to get me up at 6:00am. Luckily, I woke up at 6:15am so I did not over sleep but I hate waking up startled because then it seems as the whole day is screwed up. And that it has been.

I got the kiddos off on the bus and took my 3rd shifter to the church for her preschool (not sure why). About 7:15 the family of 3 and Miss "S" arrived so we had breakfast about 7;45am, consisting of cereal. Everything was going good at this point. After breakfast the kiddos started playing with cars and trucks, their favorites. They had every one that I have out, which is probably over 100, which is okay because they were playing with them.

Of course being the kiddos that are, after a while they decided that they wanted to play with something else. Which too is okay if you pick up the other toys first. Well, here is where they day started going to the birds. I bet I said 100 times, "You have to pick all these cars and trucks up before you can get the other toys out." before they put them away and got the other toys out. So, I let them play with the other toys for a bit and then decided we would do a craft (which all kiddos love). I then had to tell one of the boys from the family of 3, "SB" that he needed to get toys picked up about 100 more times. Boy, he is stubborn as a mule. Instead of picking up toys with the rest of the kiddos he decided he needed to climb up and stand on the tables and aggravate the other kiddos by taking things out of their hands just to hear them holler. So I told him he was to go take a timeout. Lord, you would have thought I was trying to kill him. First off he refuses to go in the timeout spot and immediately starts screaming, so you have to physically put him there. He is truly screaming for no reason, so I tell him to stop screaming so I can set them timer for his timeout. Well, he didn't stop, so finally after saying that about 4 times, I did a naughty thing.

I pretended to call the family of 3's dear Daddy. I told the boys,"Daddy is mad and that he said that he would take care of you when he gets home from work." It may have been a lie, but it worked for the moment. Then, I texted their Dad "I just pretended to call you to get "SB" to stop screaming when I put him in a timeout for aggravating, climbing on the tables, and not listening when I told him to pick up the toys for craft time. Just wanted to let you know. Lol, it worked." Then, this is the response that I got from their dad, "Good. But I will come and spank his ass if I have to. We are not putting up with any further misbehavior from any of them" I am glad to hear that but I will not make him drive 40 minutes one way to do that, that would be a little ridiculous. I really wish sometimes that their dad worked closer to my house because I think that if he did that just once they would then behave. Needless to say after all his screaming he did, he didn't get to do the craft. My theory, Oh Well!

During all that mess, I forgot to feed our dogs. I have to feed them at a certain time twice a day because one of them is diabetic and needs to eat and have his insulin shot twice per day 12 hours apart. When I finally remembered it was 10:00am, one hour late. So rattled and all I went in the kitchen to feed them and go the opened can of dog food out of the fridge to turn around and drop it on the floor. You know what canned dog food in gravy does when you drop it? It makes a HUGE mess, splattering gravy everywhere, on the kitchen chairs, table, cabinet and floor. Grrr! While I am cleaning it up I am listening to "SB" aggravate his siblings and they are whining. So I decided, that's it!! We are eating lunch early and they are going to take a nap!

And it begins again. I say, "It's time to pick up toys so we all can eat lunch." Everyone picks up except you know who, "SB". So we are at it again. Timeout, screaming, waiting forever for him to get the timeout over with. It took him almost 15 to take a 3 minute timeout. Finally he eats lunch and they are all laying down for a nap.

Now, I am off to paint a huge 4'x4' sign for our friends surprise birthday party tomorrow, then I just may take a nap with them. I think I deserve it.

And no, "SB" does not mean SOB, it's his initials. lol



  1. Wow, Welcome to my day everyday!!! Repeating myself hundreds of times is par for the course.. not an oddity..
    Hey here is my helpful hint to get SB or any other child to help the others pick up.... Make everyone else stop, Reward them for picking up as much as they did Just simple praise will work... and tell SB that as soon as he is finished you will also reward him but since he didn't help he needs to pick up the rest.. Worked.. I only had to do that 2 times and got my kiddo to start picking up.
    He doesn't want to do it by himself... plus he is nosey and I have the other kiddos leave the toyroom so he is sure he is missing something.
    Good Luck!

  2. OMG I have been doing that. I am surprised my daycare kiddos haven't gained 10 pounds from all the candy and goodies I have given them throughout the days. We have done chocolate, gummi butterflies, candy corn, candy pumpkins, ice cream, stickers, crafts, you name it. I need to invest in the candy factory, Thanks goodness for the Bent and Dent. lol I am up for any other suggestions that you or anyone else has. I even make him come up to the table and sit while they eat their goodies. Aha, maybe you are on to something see, if he doesn't pick up within the allowed time, he doesn't get a goodie. Maybe I should give him one when he is done no matter how long it takes him. What do you think? Is that what you do?

  3. I'm still smiling about you fake calling their Dad..that was perfect and I am so glad Dad was on board with you! Thanks for visiting my blog and joining! I was so happy! I love your blog and now I'm wondering what is going on with the three amigos!I hope their Dad talks to them again this weekend. Have a great weekend and rest! You need it!

  4. OH Crap you busted me out I swore SB meant..... LOL

    sounds like he's a testy little sucker. I have a son just like that. That dad's all talk and no action. I have lots of swatting action around here but the only bad thing is its my 3 yr old hitting me. Little ....

    good luck with next monday FUN glad I don't live near you I think getting these to boys together for a play date would be the worst thing LOL

  5. Girl I just don't know how you do it! I have my hands full with the 2 boys. You're a saint. I hope your day got better. I know you don't have a rest even on the weekends so i really hop it at least is sunny ;)


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