Saturday, February 21, 2009

Childcare Training Left ME Speechless!!

Imagine me speechless. We had a training today at JFS put by PBS and of course there's always some really weird providers there. Some give the rest of us bad names because they are so dumb. We had a kinda questionaire and you had to decide if you were COMFORTABLE WITH, UNCOMFORTABLE WITH or UNDECIDED about certain statements. One of the statements was that a 4 year old girl slept in her parents bed everynight. Of course we had to raise our hands when she asked who felt comfortable, uncomfortable and undecided. One provider (if she should even be called that) raised her hand on being comfortable with that. She was defending her decision with the fact that she has a 7 year old that sleeps in bed with her and her husband every night. You know I can't leave that alone so I ask "What do you do if you want to have some BowChicAWowWow?" Her answer was....................are you ready for this...................hope your sitting down........................"Oh, she sleeps though most anything." I about fell out of my chair. I could not believe what she just said and neither could anyone else. It seemed like all at once everyone said "ugggg that's wrong!" I was left so speechless. I just sat there and wanted to walk over and slap her up side her big dumb head. This woman is a foster parent also. Needless to say I am sure that Children's Services and J.L and JFS will have lots of phone calls on Monday.

Another bright so called provider says this about getting her kids to eat and drink certain things. "My kids call grape juice "Alien Blood" and they call apple juice "Beer." Some people are just dumb. No brains at all. And they wonder why there is always negative crap about daycare providers in the news.

I left that meeting totally flabbergasted. Wondering if I will ever forget the comment about the little girl sleeping through most anything. I hope that woman felt embarrASSed.


  1. Oh my goodness, I too am totally flabbergasted! (great word by the way) I can't believe some people. Shesh!!!

    I just stopped by to Welcome you to SITS. I am one of your fellow SITStas. It is a great place to be. Enjoy

  2. Wow - I'm with you. Stunned into silence.

    And major ewwwwww.

    Welcome to SiTS!! Em

  3. Wow, that's some scary stuff. I don't have a problem with kids sleeping with their parents, but the parents should go to another room to have marital relations.

    I'm with the SITS Welcome Wagon! I've been with them for like 8 months or so now...and read so many fun blogs, met so many amazing woman and really enjoyed my time in this great community of women. So, welcome aboard!

  4. wow that is just WRONG!!

    welcome to SITS

  5. I was like WOW....I can't say more then that. Must go now to pick mouth off of floor.

    Visiting from SITS as part of the welcomista crew. Hope to see you around Daily Roll Calls :) I've met some really GREAT bloggy pals just from the roll calls.

  6. Oh, good Lord! She sleeps through anything.... yeah, that's who I want watching my kid!

    Welcome to SITS! We're happy to have you join us!

  7. We had a 4 year old in our bed... but a guest room for the baw chick baw wow.

    Now that 4 year old is 8 and we've had our bed to ourselves for 4 years... guest room is still fun from time to time. :)

    Welcome to SITS!

  8. So I had a neighbor who showered with his 3 year old because she wanted to. I tried not to pass judgement but it was hard. My son id almost 2 and has realized that Dada has a different "pee-pee" than he does. And now, my hubs feels like it's time to teach him the difference. I agree...thankfully. As far as s.e.x. goes, I would never have my child in my bed and if I did, I would never move to another room to 'do it'...which means that I would never have a child in my bed. I guess the good thing is they don't do it right next to their kid. That's just so random.

    Wow! This was a great post and I'm glad that it was the one I came to from the Welcomistas! I was here to say welcome and hello to the SITSahood...and now I realize you will fit in just fine!~

  9. First.. I'm stopping by cuz that's my gig with the Welcomistas from SITS.. so WELCOME

    Second, I'm a licesed childcare provider and mom of 4. I can't get my jaw off the floor! yeah it's way wrong to have the 7 year old in bed durring adult time. And beer? HUH? But even more than that.. is it a "training" tool to have a show of hands on how you feel about a question like any of those? I'm not sure on that one. I just had my annual unannounced visit thursday. I always have fun with my inspector she tells me just flabergasting tales of what some people thing providing care is all about.. like the woman who refused to let the kids out of the nap room until they slept (for days! as in "if you don't sleep today you're back in that room tomorrow and the next day.. ugh! Why not just work at Guantanamo Bay!)

  10. OMGosh! I can't believe she would just say it as if that was perfectly normal. Can you imagine what the little girl would think if she did wake up?? Traumatic.

    Stopping by from SITS...and sharing my 2 cents. As always. {:


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