Monday, February 16, 2009

Today Things Are Just Crazy

What a day. My posts are acting crazy. I was blaming it on my poor Sophie because she was sitting on my lap, as she loves to do, chasing the cursor around and slobbering up my screen. But she is snoozing in the other chair and I am still having problems. Oh well. Sometimes I think I have lost my mind, I am so giveaway crazy...of course it doesn't take much to get me to the to the crazy side. lol :)
I can't seem to become a follower of any blog. There is never a link for me to click. Maybe no one wants me to follow them. I am telling you all it's a crazy monday.

Anyway the purpose of this second post is to give you all the link to my sis-in-law's blogsite. It is make sure you leave her a comment to let her know you were there (and leave me one too). She will be having her first giveaway in the near future. So make sure you keep checking back.


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