Monday, February 16, 2009


Well let me tell you how my evening went. I got a text from my sis in law Rene and she informed me that you could not leave messages on here. This was about 7:00pm............Well 2 hours later and lots of four letter words I FIXED IT!! Man I was loosing my patients quick. I was ready to throw the laptop to the dogs, that way Sophie could step on all the keys she wants to. You do not realize how relieved I am that I finally repaired the Html. I was so tired of looking at things like lsdjfkjrnnkjhvkdmddka. Well after you look at the same thing for so long it all starts looking the same. I googled the directions to fix it and you have to find THIS and replace it with THIS. It all looked the same to me, a foreign language. But I did NOT let it get the best of me. So guess what this means Rene....we WILL get your layout changed. Maybe. lol

On a happier note here is a picture of my BIG dog Shadow. He is half Lab and half NewFoundland and weighs in at 140 and is 8 years old and a big ole baby. He is a diabetic dog. Ever heard of that? I didn't until he got sick. Now he gets 32 units of insulin twice a day. Poor doggie. I will get a pic of my little Sophie on here sometime soon. Need to get them off the camera first.


  1. Freakyyyyyy!!!!!! Honestly, we really need to quit blogging together. Nice pic of Shadow though. Love that doggie.
    I figure since I am trying not to use real names that I can't put pics of the kids on there unless it is their backs. So I went with Rocky. I am thinking about making a family blog that is private..What do you think?

  2. woohoo congrats getting it to work! yippeee cute doggie


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