Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Well finally a day without a catastrophe. Everything today was great. The kiddos were all in good moods and we got two days worth of Mother Goose accomplished (today and yesterday's). No dogs were puking or peeing (freak thing) anywhere. Nothing burned up or got broke. No snot running down to the kids' chins. No one got injured and everyone was on time. What a great day! I am scared at what tommorrow will bring or tonight when I go downstairs to walk on the treadmill. I have been known to miss a few steps. lol

And Rene I always listen to what people tell me..............I would not enter a giveaway you were trying to win. lol

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  1. Oh please enter, please it increases the chances of us winning. I honestly would be just as happy if you won if I won.. Heck the day you won the ring you would of thought I won the lottery. I told 3 or 4 people.. who really don't care, I was that excited. Heck I should of called the Sentinel.. Too late now, oops no its not there is never old news around here with a weekly paper we are just glad to have news. I will call in the morning.


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