Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday...two more days of kiddos

Oh, my gosh. I didn't post yesterday. Well I had a busy day so I guess you could say that's my excuse. I had kids from 4am to 10pm and I finally got to the dentist yesterday to get my first fillings. Yuck! That seemed to take forever. The bad part is I have to go back for more.

I bowled lastnight and we did pretty good we won two out of three games and we took total.

I started walking on the treadmill on Monday and I am proud of myself. I have done it three nights in a row. Yeah! I just have to keep it up. I borrowed my daughter's Ipod to listen to and I don't think I will ever run out of music to hear. She has like 530 some songs on it. I made the mistake lastnight of listening to the songs in alphabetical order by artist and it's kinda hard to go from listening to Alabama to listening to Avril Lav. I will get that figured out before tonight.

That sister in law of mine just keeps on winning and winning. I told her that is just WRONG! I have only won one giveaway and it was a ring that I am still waiting on because it had to be made in my size.

Well, we had someone come to look at our roof today that was damaged in the wind storm we had a couple of weeks ago. They said we need all new shingles and vents. That's good if the insurance is paying for it all but bad if they don't. Now I get to go pick up all the shingles out of the back yard. Fun Fun!!

Well I have two more days of kids and I have a day off. I actually have kids all night tomorrow. I gave all my daycare parents a coupon for a free night of care as a christmas gift and they are all slowly using them. I guess I should have worded it "A Free Evening of Care" not "A Free Night of Care" but, it's too late now. That's okay though because all the parents really appreciated it so that's what matters.

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  1. Good Job walking on the treadmill, I have also been trying to do it everynight. I missed one night this week. The coupons are a great idea. I keep Mally all night that counts right.
    I need to buy an IPod.. wait unless there is a giveaway then I could win one. I wish.
    Our treadmill even has a place to plug the ipod in. Who Knew!!!
    One More Day!!!! Yeah it is almost over for the week.. Busy busy.
    talk to you later


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