Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's FREEZING outside...

....and snowing. It is so cold out the temp on my Weather Bug says 14degrees. Who know what the wind chill is. I know it is blowing like crazy and we are having whiteouts. It is definately February weather. I like the weather last week. I prefer the 50degrees better.

I went out to put a kiddo on the Headstart bus and we decided to come back inside because she said she was going to turn into a "Girl Popcicle" The things kids say. My kiddo S.S. said today "This shaushage (sausage) is very gooooood indeed." She is such a hoot.

Well I skipped out on bowling lastnight. I wasn't feeling the best. Had a major sinus headache or should I say face-ache. I am so tired of that crap too.

I would like to welcome Auntie B. from Penn. to blogging. "HELLO!!" I haven't seen her in forever. We never seem to get to Penn. anymore. We really need to get there and visit with everybody. I know that the family has really grown since we were there last.

Well I am off to text my Aunt J.. to get our Friday Night Girls Card Game in motion and try to plan ahead what we are going to eat for supper. We always seem to wait till the last minute to decide. I do believe tonight we are going to play at my cousin J..'s house.................After I do that I am going try to win a few giveaways.


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