Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh What a Monday!!

Today there are alot of giveaways out there at Rene passed this site on to me and boy she is keeping me busy. I almost feel like I am in a contest with her. She keeps right on winning all these giveaways and it's driving me insane. I have won one giveaway so far and since then she has won like 3 more. I know I just started this but wow I never realized how my free things were out there. And I am definatly learning that there are some really cool things out there also. If I had money boy the things I could buy. Since I love glass this site ( d'Pholk designs ) is really cool. I must live in a sheltered world because there are so many handmade things out there that I never knew existed. Now I completely understand the whole giveaway thing and why it exists.

Bridgette from Not-So-Blog is giving away the following. But hurry because some of them end soon.

And Not the Jet Set is giving away a KITCHEN AID coffee grinder at

Here is a great giveaway that everyone needs Cherish Bound Story Starter and Publisher Giveaway


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