Thursday, February 12, 2009

TOO much wind here for me and my roof!!

Okay so I have had enough of this wind and rain. My roof looks terrible and last night you could go wading in my basement. Not a good evening last night. Today is better but getting rid of this sinus headache would be fabulous. This morning I did the beloved Mother Goose Time with the children (who absolutely love the curriculum) and unfortunately Syd dumped a whole baggie of little sequins on the table and floor, Yeah!! But because she is such a wonderful girl SHE picked them all up. We have so much to get accomplished for Valentines day for their parents.

I do believe that I have became addicted (Thanks Rene)! The kids are napping and I am surfing the givaways and found some really great ones. I have to make myself stop. I need a nap myself.

Here is a link to a cool site and their giveaway from The Shrunks is really neat, especially for parents who have children with fears.

Finding Joy in the Journey ( is giving away a soy candle. I love these.


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