Monday, February 23, 2009

Free Sub From QUIZNOS

Here is Quiznos website where you can go to get you a free sub. They are giving away One million subs. When I got my subs they had already given away 157,000. You get one sub per email address. Get yours while the last.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Free sandwiches are definitely uplifting! =)

  2. Thanks for the info. Who can't use a free sandwiche.

    Welcome to SITS!

  3. Hey Tam, Be sure to check out this site for giveaways. They have some great listings. STay AWaY from the Bumbleride Stroller... I WAnt it.. hehehe

  4. Hi Tammy and family - Really enjoy reading your blog. We were sorry to hear about Blackie. Connie and Bob lost Bubba who was Georgie's dog also, he was 14 years old and I think kidneys failed. He lived a terrific life so he's now happy with his master in Heaven. I have three dogs and some days would pay someone to take them. They are very much house dogs and don't go out much for fear they'll miss a crumb of food but I guess that's our fault for feeding them real food. It's a hard habit to break. Amber's dog Baby (a real cute small dog) got out of pen today and was hit and killed on highway. Unfortunately I was the lucky one to find it in road when I came home from the YMCA today. Pyllis came down and she wrapped it in blanket - very sad. I haven't much to write aboutin my quiet life but I will try to enlighten you once in a while. Tomorrow I'm bringing Barb down to Phyllis' to play Scrabble and visit. We and I imagine all of you are patiently waiting for Spring and Summer. We had chicken and biscuits for dinner so whatever calories I burned off at the Y are probably shot to you know where. Say Hi to Rissa, JR and Nick. Hope to see you in a few months. Love, Aunt Linda

  5. Hey, here is another great site.
    All of the giveaways they have are listed on the right hand side under OUr Giveaways.
    Once again they also have a Stroller.. STAY AWAY!!!
    later, Rene

  6. We had our free sub last night. I don't ever go to Quiznos, so it was a fun treat!


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