Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let's finish the crazy monday story

Okay so I have told you how crazy Monday was for me on here, now I am going to let you know some crazy things that happened to me at home.
I sent the boys in to wash their hands for supper and silly me I left the brand new bottle of Fabric Softner sitting on the bathroom counter. Well...............you guessed it It landed upside down, shattering the lid. Exactaly what is the best way to clean up a big bottle of fabric softner? Well silly me again, I used bath towels. Now I have three of the softest and most unabsorbable towels I have ever seen.
On to my other crazy thing. I am extremely tired so I am off to bed about 10:30pm and my little "CUTE" 9 month old Sophie goes to bed with me. That is our nightly ritual. Well after about 15 minutes she wants out of my bedroom. I was thinking she wanted to go play with Motley (that's my daughter's dog for those of you who don't know). What was I thinking. Maybe I wasn't. Well...................at about 11:45pm I turned over in bed and yep you guessed it. She didn't want to go play with Motley, she had to pee. And since she will usually only go outsied for me (she's spoiled) and I wasn't up to let her out.........she decided to pee on my feet. How nice!! She is still alive and I say that because if my hubby would have been in that bed asleep and had to get up for me to change the sheets because there was pee on his feet he would have probably killed her (not really). But lucky dog, he was still at his sisters house.


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