Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hubby went grocery shopping with me!

Well today started off pretty early. The Hubby and I went the my Grandparents at 8:30am and took them to Bob Evans for breakfast then visited with them until about 11:15am then we went to Wally World (that's Walmart for those of you who don't know that) to do some grocery shopping and yes the Hubby went also, the first time in a long time. I decided we needed some different things and extra things to eat so taking him to the store usually gets that accomplished. As we are unloading both shopping carts he says "How much do you think we spent?" Well my guess was under by over $200, so needless to say we spent a whole bunch. But we have lots to eat. Oh and a new door handle for the front door ooooooooooooh that was a whole $30. The only bad thing is that now I can't say there's nothing to eat and order Chinese from Hunan's.

Well, its here, my sister-in-law is having her very first giveaway today. She is giving away 2 bottles of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce to two different winners. Her site is . So make sure you stop over there and enter her giveaway.

I would also like to say "Thanks" to all the Welcomistas for welcoming me to the SITSahood. I will be checking out all your sites sooner or later.


  1. Tammy Thanks for posting about my giveaway!!! Appreciate it.
    Sorry my Bro cost you so much at the grocery.
    We have to go to Hunan sometime soon.. Ummm sounds Yummy!!

  2. lol, I know how that is, such good food in the house, but sometimes you just want to go out to eat! I've used that "there's nothing to eat, lets go out" excuse many times myself ;)

    Welcome to SITS from your friendly neighborhood Welcomista!

  3. wow, that must have been one giant trip to wally world! i hate it when we are all stocked and i have no excuse for takeout too :)

    i am just stopping by to welcome you to SITS, you will love being a part of such a wonderful community!

  4. Hi there,
    Enjoyed my visit here. Thanks so much...

    I am on the Welcoming Committee with SITS and just wanted to pop by and give you a big welcome hug.. I joined SITS last year and have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful gals, you will surely enjoy your time spent with us.
    Come visit me sometime and follow if you wish. I have random drawings for my followers from time to time...

  5. Good ole Wally World...whoop whoop....and another Welcomista stopping by to say Howdy...and so happy you are here....

  6. I found a giveaway for you to check out. I am not qualified to be in the giveaway as I do not have kids, nor am I pregnant at this time. GEEz... but they are giving away I think 30 prizes, and to 30 people and they total over $1500.00. The site is
    Good Luck!!!

  7. Today is a very big day in the Where’s Wenda? Contest. I am visiting all of the SITS followers. Can I do it? There are around 1000 followers. Oh my! Better grab my cup of coffee and get on my way. Be sure to visit Hot Chocolate Caramel Mocha and Three Bay B Chicks as part of your contest entry.



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