Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today Was So Much Better

Wow what a day! I had six kids today. Their ages are 5, two 4's, 3, and two 1 year olds. We did our Mother Goose Time today. They are learning about the Solar System. For some reason their favorite planet is Pluto. Or is Pluto really a planet at all. No one really seams to know. In the teaching plans it says the scientist's decided it was a dwarf planet. Doesn't that mean it's still a planet? And it tells the kids to decide whether or not they think it's a planet. Wow, scientist's leaving it up to toddlers. Well to me poor little Pluto will always be a planet.

I have to tell you all about the supper me and my hubby had. It was thanks to my Mom and Dad. They had ordered some Omaha Steaks and wanted us to try them and lucky for me one of their three freezers quit and I also got some crab legs. Yummy Yummy. So being selfish I fixed them tonight while the daughter was at working making pizza's. And just so you all know I texted her to see if she wanted me to fix her some so when she gets home she can eat it. I am not that mean. Here is what I had: Fillet Mignon, Crab Legs and baked potato. Awesome. Here is what the Hubby had: Fillet Mignon, mac and cheese (yes it was Kraft) and tator tots. He likes to have mac and cheese with steak to me that just sound so wrong, but he is weird like that.

For all you family members in Penn. that I haven't seen in a very long time and to those of you I saw this past summer "HELLO!" Rene said you have been checking us out. I hope while you are doing that you are entering the giveaways. I think we need to team up and try to pass Rene on her wins:) lol

Well I am off the watch CSI NY. I mistakenly got my Hubby hooked on those types of shows and I swear he DVR's at least 10 per day. Between the CSI's and Law & Order's I may never get to watch Brother's and Sister's again. HaHa!!


  1. I say Pluto is a planet.

    And, that meal sounds delish.

  2. I read what you wrote, there will be no ganging up to pass me on wins.. I pass on all the goodies. hehe. Supper sounded great, we had tacos,Tonight I am thinking Chinese or Subway, they both sound yummy.
    Talk to you later, good luck with the giveaways.


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