Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh, wait

One weird thing did happen to me today. And was is ever strange. I still haven't figured it out. Here is what happened I was boiling 2 cups of water in a Tupperware measuring cup (a 2 cup, cup) in the microwave. I had boiled it once but wasn't ready for it yet. So about 10 minutes later I turned the microwave back on and checked to see how much water was left in the cup because sometimes the water evaporates. It had just under 2 cups left. About 30 seconds later I heard the pop..pop and turned around and looked and couldn't figure out where the noise came from...........then...........I looked in the microwave and I had about 1 cup of water left in the cup and the rest was all over the inside of the microwave. And the water wasn't even boiling. I am amazed at what happened..........that's just crazy.


  1. LOL

    Coming over from SITS to say hello and WELCOME!

  2. Ok, When you have a minute will you go to this site, she is having a 50 toy giveaway from the dollar store. I could use those and I am sure you could too. I am always looking for, Yeah! You pottied prizes,as well as prizes for other things. These would be perfect. Anyways, if you go to her site and follow her, tell her I sent you we each get an extra point entry. Just if you have time...
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