Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Mayhem

Well today has definitely shown me how bad Mondays can be. The kids came in all crazy and with an insane amount of energy, except for the boys at 3:30am. They were in good moods but very very hard to wake up at 6:30am. They were off to school at 7am. I had other kids arrive at 6:45, 7:15, 8:00, 8:20, 8:45 and two kids were supposed to arrive at 9:00 but never showed. Talked with their mom about 10am and she said she forgot to call me last night and let me know that her 19 month and 3, 5 and 7 year olds all have the stomach flu. Boy am I glad they stayed home.

We didn't get mother goose done today as it was just plain crazy here. The kids didn't want to sit still for anything. They just wanted to run, jump and sing today. That's okay though because they should nap good. Sometimes you'll have that.

In between the kids jumping, running and singing my 9 month old puppy decides she needs to pee on the floor. She hasn't done that in a while. Maybe too much playing with the kids. With all that going on our daughters dog decided he needed to throw up four times within about 20 minutes. Thank goodness it was just water. For some reason the silly dog doesn't like to burp. If he drinks too fast and needs to burp he just pukes instead. Of course he waited to do all that about five minutes after our daughter left for college. How convenient. At this point I am ready to give in.

Then it's lunch time so I decided that we are going to have sausage, mush, toast and fried apples. Well finally something turns out right. Then......while we are sitting in the daycare room at the table eating I smell something....then I turn around and I see it............smoke everywhere. Turning the pan off would have been a really wonderful idea, but why would I have done that? So I had to turn on the fans, open the windows (it's 19 degrees outside) to air out the house. Well the kids had big fun with that when they finished eating. We did whole thing about crawling under the smoke in your house, which was a good learning tool. How else could you practice that drill adequately? Then I laughed to myself when the kids were talking about how I about made my house burn down and then they would not have a "babysitter" because I would be dead. They looked at me and one said "Tammy, don't do that again I like to come to your house and if it's on fire I can't come anymore.

Then I get this crazy idea that while the kids are starting to lay down for nap I will try to figure out why the daycare computer monitor decided to shrink the display last Friday while we were playing Hello Kitty. Fun!! Well I no longer have to try to figure it out because when I had a brilliant idea of turning it off then back on it made a loud snap and will not come back on. So it's simply fried. Time for a new monitor. Well that won't happen for a while. At least not until the Hubby goes back to work, which hopefully is sooner than later. Enough of my day.

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