Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a dreary day outside....

Well today started out not so swell. Why is it that parents cannot understand that when they drop their kids off they need not to bring them in with food that becomes fair game? One mom came in with McD's sausage and pancakes and the two other girls were like "I love sausage" and the mom is like "Oh, well be will eat all the sausage." So therefore I had two upset girls at 8:00am. 8:30am another mom came in with cookies which had to wait because we had already started our Mother Goose Curriculum by then. I told them they could have them after we were done if the babies didn't show up before then. Well....two minutes after I pass those cookies out the babies get here and that causes a few upset kids because I didn't have anymore. That was only half that problem because that mom came it with a child eating a LICK-M-AID. Not really something for a three year old to carry around eating in the morning. By this time I had a few upset children. What a way to start the day. But we put in a Mother Goose CD with songs about planets and rockets and they all started doing the count up's (cause they can't do count down's) and jumping off the little chairs yelling "BLAST OFF!!" They were so cute at this point.

But boy, Hubby could not wait to get out of the house soon enough when they started that. Okay, so they were a little loud. But they were having fun. Hubby is off the take our niece T.. off to find her another car. He says hers sounds like an airplane. I hope it does not sound like the yellow one that flies around here. I think he was crop dusting or something yesterday and Hubby threatens to send a muffler to the airport with a note for him to install it on that plane. It's kinda fun to see him get upset at an airplane in the sky because it's too loud. :)

Well my favorite daughter (my only one) should be home soon with me some chinese to eat so I am going to go get some things cleaned up before my food arrives. And yes Rene is from Hunan, the best chinese ever. Opps, she's here. No cleaning for me....darn

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  1. Wow Hunan, I haven't been there forever. We should go. I had Chengs tonight, Beef with Garlic Sauce keep your mushrooms please. Yummy....
    ok.. here is the link for the George Foreman 360. If you win, I get to come over for dinner.. I hope I win, and no you are not coming.. hahahah just my bro and niece.. yeah right.


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